Interactive Digital Books that works online and offline on any device

Interactive Digital Books

Piron can assist you in creating print-replica interactive digital books for multiple platforms including online, desktop, Android, Windows, OS X, and iOS using its proprietary authoring platform, with built-in digital rights management and scored results tracking enabled at the click of a button.

A competitive and cost-effective alternative to dedicated apps, our digital books are packed full of features:

  • Fully formatted pages

    Print and digital editions can share the same page layout

  • Extensive multimedia support

    Videos, animations, sound, and more

  • Multi-platform delivery

    iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Macs, and Windows PCs

  • Internet delivery options

    Deliver in a browser on almost any device

  • Local delivery options

    Deliver as a local app, as a download, on a CD, or USB drive

  • Built-in computer scored quizzing and tracking

    Supports learner feedback, assessment, and activity streams

  • Learning management system integration

    Send scores and activity streams from the eBook to any LRS

  • Unicode support for international publications

    Include character sets from all major languages

  • Digital rights management

    Protect your content when running locally or in a browser




Piron digital publishing quickly produces custom-designed workbooks that correspond to mandated textbooks and provide students with supplemental practice on the way to subject mastery.

Language Training

Piron's digital publishing division has produced an extensive array of ESL readers, grammar books, pronunciation guides, and other language arts materials in collaboration with independent publishers.


Our technology can seamlessly convert your standard textbooks into interactive digital books that enhance student performance.

Test Prep

Ask our team about interactive study materials for standardized tests, such as GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELT.

Instructional Modules

Get creative. Our interactive technology can create learning modules that resemble interactive apps at a fraction of the cost.

For Publishers

Print + Digital

Use your print marketing channels to create value added digital sales. Our team will show you how.

Digital Conversion

Get your titles into a format that works on all the popular delivery platforms, and add interactivity and media as a bonus.

Educational Marketplace

Looking for online sales channels? Become a Piron School Partner to include your titles in our online marketplace and School Pack Content Library.