A Versatile Learning Management Platform for Schools

Learning Management Platform

Piron's learning management platform offers engaging learning tools to students, and provides teachers, parents, and administrators with actionable analytics. The learning management platform has capabilities to host various types of content and can also be deployed with pre-loaded content making it very easy for teachers to find and share content with their students.








Available in 30+ Languages

Works Offline and Online

Custom Branding Options

Multimedia Content Library Features

Intuitive Dashboards

  • Deploy alternative bandwidth through next-generation materials. Proactively fashion enabled core competencies with sticky architectures. Monotonectally reinvent intuitive.

Content Management

  • In addition to materials provided by the multimedia content library, teachers can upload various kinds of external content including videos, documents, eBooks, audio, HTML, and practice tests for learner assessment.
  • Teachers can also aggregate materials from other sources, including an extensive collection of content from Flexiguru.com, through a single simple search interface.

Interactive Learning

  • Tracks each and every learning activity.
  • Records time spent on each learning resource.
  • Records assessment results drilled down to concept level.
  • Analyzes overall progress made over a time period and recommends learning resources based on interest, ability, and achievement.

Analytics for Teachers, Parents & Administrators

  • Teachers and administrators can view reports for an entire class or an individual learner.
  • Parents can view their child's reports, analyze strong and weak areas, and act on learning recommendations provided by the system.


  • Administrators can easily manage learner enrolments of any size within the learning management platform.
  • Teachers can mark learner attendance, which produces class reports that can be viewed by teachers, individual learners, and their parents.
  • Administrators can create teacher profiles, assign teachers to courses, and much more.


  • For learners and teachers seeking the peer interaction of a traditional classroom environment, our learning management platform offers a community question and answer forum where learners and teachers can interact with each other even after regular class hours.
  • Teachers and administrators can send out public or private notifications to all learners, to a group of specific learners, or to parents.
  • Teachers can post assignments. Learners can reply and submit assignments to receive marks and grades.