Innovative technology solutions that enhance teaching and learning

Who We Are?

Piron Corporation is a learning technology company offering flexible, cross-platform and innovative technology solutions that enhance teaching and learning. With headquarters in New York and a development center in India, Piron's team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, educators, and programmers operating from around the world to create next generation learning solutions that replicates and improves upon traditional live learning environments.

Investors and advisors include Former Group President of McGrawHill Education, President of Mediatechnics Corporation and Author of best-selling multimedia computer textbooks.

Provides e-learning solutions to global customers like West Coast University, City School, and Genpact.

Learners from more than 150 countries learn on Piron's personalized open learning platform,

Our Products and Services

A Personalized Open Learning Platform

With the rise of open education globally, Piron has launched one of a kind Personalized Open learning platform, Flexiguru, that curates various kinds of educational resources from both open and premium sources and uses its analytic system to deliver personalized learning feeds based on learner's interests and abilities.

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Premium K-12 Content Library

Piron's premium K-12 content library offers more than 10,000 2D/3D high quality, interactive K-12 modules of English, Science, and Math which can easily be aligned as per the local curriculum. We also understand that each country has its own culture and academic values and thus we customize and localize the content that we deploy.

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LMS for Schools and Institutions

Piron's LMS offers engaging learning management tools to students, teachers and parents. The LMS has capabilities to host various types of content and is also integrated with Flexiguru's curated content library making it very easy for teachers to find and share content with the learners.

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Interactive Multimedia e-Books

Piron uses its proprietary eBook authoring tool to create highly interactive, cross-platform, multimedia eBooks.
Learners can access these eBooks in both online and offline mode using any kind of a device.

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